I offer professional statistical consulting as part of the Department of Methodology and Statistics Consultancy program.

I took my first forays into statistical consulting near the end of my bachelor studies when I had the opportunity to debug and improve some of my supervisor’s structural equation models. During graduate school, I worked for the University of Kansas (KU) Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis (CRMDA). Under the auspices of the CRMDA, I had the opportunity to work on several interesting projects including subcontracting to the US Army/Human Terrain System to provide statistical/data analytic support to Army units deployed in Afghanistan. I funded the final year of my PhD through very productive consultant/collaborator positions in the lab groups of Tom McDonald/Becci Akin and Karrie Shogren.

After graduate school, I did a postdoc focusing on statistical consulting in the Institute for Measurement, Methodology, Analysis, and Policy (IMMAP) at Texas Tech University. During my time at IMMAP, I was involved in several projects including working with CDC scientists to analyze the data from a large RCT evaluating the Dating Matters® program and leading the development team for the PcAux R package.

As an assistant professor—first at Tilburg University and now at Utrecht University (UU)—I have continued my consulting work. I currently offer statistical consulting to UU students and staff as part of the Statistical Consultancy Program from the Department of Methodology and Statistics.

Since graduate school, I have also done freelance statistical consulting on an independent basis. Due to contractual restrictions, however, all current consulting work must be officially routed through my role at UU.